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My life has revolved around my freelance writing career for the last 20 years. Every interest and experience I have had over my lifetime, from participating in the world famous Pendleton Round-Up to owning my own travel agency, to pursuing a freelance career in writing is reflected in my articles. I love to go to the source and get fresh ideas and first hand knowledge about the subjects I am covering. This brings my stories to life and gives them a flavor one won’t find elsewhere.

Growing up on a ranch outside of Pendleton, OR, I have a great interest in that area and its surroundings. My Western heritage runs right down to my boots and I have written many related articles for major national magazines on Western subjects and the Pacific Northwest. The topics are never ending. For me, the West is still a frontier and I’m its number one fan. These interests have led to multiple articles in COWBOYS & INDIANS, PERSIMMON HILL, TRUE WEST and AMERICAN COWBOY magazines.

Travel, another key interest of my lifetime has opened doors for me on subjects as varied as shopping in Istanbul, visiting the Queen of VooDoo in New Orleans, researching the premier Thoroughbred horse farms in Normandy, France, multiple trips to the Kentucky Derby, climbing the Great Wall of China the same day China and the US reached normalization in 1979, A stay at the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada, and sleeping in the Sod House at the historic 71 Ranch out of Elko, Nevada reflect the authenticity of my work. I have roamed the globe for years, getting to know various cultures from first hand experiences. Travel has introduced me to history, art, music, foods, adventure, and just about any other interest you can mention. I write about it all. Feature stories of mine have appeared in The HISTORY CHANNEL Magazine, AMTRAK, SMITHSONIAN-Native American, and HORIZON AIR Magazine as well as countless other periodicals and magazines.

The world has been my stage for a lifetime. In the last year I have been concentrating on the USA. My web site Travel Savvy News features domestic destinations and its audience continues to grow. I’m amazed at the variety and richness of the people and places I’m discovering here in my homeland. This country offers a kaleidoscope of scenery, destinations, history, and cultures so rich and diverse visiting and writing about them is a new challenge every day.

I have just completed major contributions to a coffee table book, PENDLETON ROUND-UP, First 100 Years is on the shelves and well into its third edition! In conjunction with the Round-Up Centennial in 2010, I am also chairman of the Reunion of Champions committee-bringing all past champions back to help in the celebration. These two activities have opened all the doors to the Western and rodeo world for me, and many stories are forthcoming.

Each assignment is incentive to do my best, and make the next story even better than the last. My writing has won Runner up of the Year awards in 2006 and 2007 in the national North American Travel Journalists Assn. competitions. 

Like the guns of the Old West, my pen is poised and ready for hire!


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  • 2007 NATJA National Competition, Runner up for best cruise story of the year.
  • 2006 National Runner-Up, Best Travel Story on Internet Magazines, NATJA Competition
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  • Western Writers of America
    North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) (Link)
  • Travel World International Magazine (Link)
  • Western Music Association
  • World Affairs Council of Oregon
  • Oregon Historical Society
  • Umatilla Co. Oregon Historical Society
  • Tamastslikt Cultural Institute
  • Kentucky Derby Museum

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